Sinn at the WatchBuys Road Show

WatchBuys is an online retailer specializing German mechanical watches, including Sinn, Nomos, Max Bill, and others. Recognizing that watch nerds like to see and handle products before they buy, the WatchBuys guys bring inventory samples to several cities each year. These are private, low key affairs. You can't buy or order at a Road Show event, but you can browse, ask questions, take pictures, and learn about an impressive array of watches you will not find anywhere else. 

Sinn 757, Tool Chronograph

The WatchBuys collection is well north of The Time Bum's usual range, but like the a Pirate Code, that $1,000 limit is really more of a guideline than a rule. I recently attended a Road Show event and thoroughly enjoyed myself. You learn things from handling watches that you cannot get from pictures. It is why I go out of my way to conduct hands-on reviews for this blog, and it why the WatchBuys Road Show is such a great opportunity for enthusiasts.

Sinn 857 UTC Telstaf, Lufthansa Cargo Edition

While there were many remarkable pieces, the array of Sinn watches blew me away. These are serious tools, over engineered and impeccably finished. You feel as if you could hammer nails with them, although I wouldn't recommend it. The dial designs exude military precision, even those densely packed with information can be read at a glance. I was also amazed at the way their largest watches appeared smaller on my wrist. A deft combination of steeply curved lugs, rounded sides, and a judicious balance of positive and negative space on dials and bezels transform these bulky chunks of matte grey steel into sleek, streamlined instruments.

I can't provide a full review, but here are some of my favorites from the collection. Check the WatchBuys website for upcoming Road Show dates, locations, and registration. If they are coming to your town, I highly recommend it.
Sinn 103
Sinn 103 
Sinn 140
Sinn 140 with SZ01 movement
Sinn U1, Tegimented PVD Bezel
Sinn EZM 10, TESTAF Certified
Sinn EZM, Check out those pushers
Sinn U1000 B EZM 6, big fat profile!
Sinn U1000 B EZM 6, Sp. Ed. Blue Dial

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