New Choice Cuts Leather Watch Straps

Two years ago, I reviewed a Horween Dublin leather watch strap by Joel Mills of Choice Cuts Industries. I loved its rugged good looks, careful craftsmanship, and $55 price tag. That strap is still on the same Christopher Ward C60 pictured in the review, and I have ordered a couple of others to keep it company: a Polished Sand strap with black stitching for my Bernhardt Binnacle Diver, and a Coffee Bean perforated rally strap for my vintage Majestime (see bottommost pictures). When Joel told me he had improved his design, I had to have a look. 
The new strap retains the same look as the older models. Their straight cut, raw edges, and sparse stitching have a tough, simple appearance, but Joel's clean construction gives them just the right amount of polish, and it is this latter part that distinguishes the new line. Joel is now shaving down the lug tabs and making the keepers from thinner leather. The new strap is a little over 2mm thick, and about 5mm at the lugs, where the old model was 5.5mm. It sounds insignificant, but we watch nerds know a millimeter is a huge unit in our world. I noticed the better fit right way once I put it in my wrist. 

For my review strap, I selected Horween Olive Leaf leather with Derby keepers and a straight line of golden brown stitching across the top. Olive Leaf is a deep brown with a slightly greenish undertone. I had my own ideas about stitching but ultimately deferred to Joel's expertise and I am glad I did. The golden brown thread he suggested keys to the keepers and both pop against the earthy color beneath. A standard length (110/70mm) is the perfect fit on my 6.5" wrist. 

Joel's straps may be new and improved, but they are lovely as ever and still only $55. Check them out at the Choice Cuts Etsy Store

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