#Straps4aCure NATO by Crown & Buckle

In my review of the Orion, I included a photo of the watch on black, pink, and grey striped NATO with #STRAPS4ACURE engraved on the keeper. It later dawned on me that I never mentioned this strap on my site, and did not explain it in the review. What was I thinking? It's a glaring oversight that I will now correct.
Watches By Nick Orion on #Straps4aCure NATO

The hashtag came from Instagram watch enthusiast @mikeswatches. In February 2015, Mike's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, shortly after the birth of their son. The Instagram watch family (#watchfam) expressed its support, but he wanted to do more. As he assisted his wife through her treatment, he got the idea of a watch strap to raise funds for research, and as a way for the watch community to promote awareness and show support for all those affected. 

Crown & Buckle answered the call, producing the dapper nylon piece you see here, and offering it for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To date, the project has raised over $18,000. One strap auctioned by a fellow watch nerd fetched over $1000 for research.

The strap is 20mm wide, 1.25mm thick, and 280mm long with polished hardware. It looks fantastic, sells for just $16, and does its part to battle breast cancer. Only 100 remain in stock so get on over to Crown & Buckle, order yours, and spread the word with #straps4acure.
Watches By Nick Orion on #Straps4aCure NATO

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