DC Metro Microbrand Meetup

Alright folks, you've read about plenty of microbrands in these virtual pages, now it's time to come and check them out in person. Your very own Time Bum and Bill McDowell of McDowell Time are hosting the DC Metro Microbrand Meetup, a watch show and get-together. The event takes place on Saturday, November 5, 2016, from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm, just across the Potomac from our nation's capitol at Virtue Feed & Grain in historic Old Town Alexandria (106 S. Union St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314 to be precise). 

Virtue may sound like farming supply store, but it is actually an excellent restaurant and bar. There will be areas for microbrands to display their products and for enthusiasts to share their collections. We envision this as more of a show than a marketplace, but we do plan to have WiFi enabled laptops available so people can visit microbrand websites and place orders. 

The DC Metro Microbrand Meetup is sponsored by DoxaDiver's Watches Facebook Group (DWFG), Gruppo GammaHager WatchesHemel Watches, Huguenin, Janis Trading Co. (NTH and Lew & Huey)KratosMelbourne Watch Co.MercerSchmutz, and ZelosOther participating brands include Aevig, Aquadive, Jenny, Manchester Watch Works, Redux, Ventus, and Watches By NickI suspect we will see a few more joining our ranks in the next few weeks.

Still not convinced? Then consider the door prizes. Attendees can enter to win a Borealis Estoril, Prometheus Poseidon, or Stuckx Bull. That's right my friends; we are giving away watches! That's reason to attend right there. Also, Ariel Soltura of DWFG will bring Isofrane straps and Doxa books for the raffle.  

Once you have finished browsing the micros, check out the private collections in the enthusiast area, and maybe share your own. Previous DC GTGs have attracted an amazing array of watches from private collections, and this one promises the same. Whatever you've got, we want to see it. From everyday beaters to pricey exotics and obscure vintage pieces, we welcome them all. 

Finally, as the day winds down, join our panel of owners for a little Q&A. Find out what drives them, what they are working on next, and what life is like for an entrepreneur in the small-batch watch world. Everyone will have their war stories, and since we're hosting this at a bar, you can bet there will be some good ones! 

So what will we charge you to attend this magnificent event? If you are an enthusiast, it's free! Walk-ins are welcome, but we do ask that you register by emailing microbrandmeetup@gmail.com. When you do, please let us know if you will be showing your collection. If you are watch brand or related business, email us for display and sponsorship information.

What are you waiting for? Get this on your calendar and get your bad selves to Alexandria to check out your favorite microbrand watches, have a beer with their makers, hang out with fellow watch nerds, and just generally geek out on your favorite hobby. 

See www.microbrandmeetup.com and stay tuned for more updates. This is going to be good!

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