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Today, the Miami Watch Company opened pre-orders on IndieGoGo for its newest venture, the Katana Knife & Watch Collection ( 本刀)

The forging of a Japanese blade is a sacred art, involving dozens of craftsmen carrying out millennia-old tradition. Today, that heritage lives on in modern Japanese blade-making, renowned across the world by chefs who insist on world-class cutlery.

Notable among these blades is the prized “Damascus” steel, made after a laborious process of folding, heating, and hammering the steel upon itself thousands of times. This serves to remove impurities from the steel and results in a unique, mysterious blade.

We bring these traditions to the modern era with our Katana Collection, a collection dedicated to the craftsman of yesterday, made for the craftsman of today. We take inspiration from these “Heavenly Blades”, forging our watches from artesian Damascus steel, and matching them to the best blades that can be made.

For the love of food, artistry and style, we present The Katana Knife and Watch Collection, a 4-model series named in homage to the Tenka-Goken, or the Heavenly Samurai Swords. 

Dojigiri (童子切): Legend states that the great Samurai Minamoto fought and killed a great monster (Shuten-doji) with the blade Dojigiri. That legendary battle is represented here in the color contrast between metals: a golden Damascus bezel atop a grey steel case. 

Onimaru (鬼丸): In the great historical epic “Taiheiki”, one of the Shogun’s three blades moved by its own power to protect its owner and killed an evil spirit. That blade is the Onimaru. Black PVD Case with black Damascus grade steel bezel.  

Mikazuki (三日月): According to a classical Noh play, the swordsmith of the great Mikazuki blade was blessed for his great work by the Inari, god of foxes, fertility, and prosperity. Steel case with Black Damascus grade steel bezel.

Juzumaru (数珠丸): Legend states that Nichiren, a great Buddhist priest, bestowed his juzu, or rosary about this blade to ensure that the sword would cleanse evil spirits. Rosegold case with Black Damascus grade steel bezel.

Our dial is made of triple layer Skeleton dial with "sandwich" style dial rings. It has diamond cut hands triple filled with Super-Luminova

Each model features top components such as:
  • 45mm 316L grade surgical steel case, 
  • blade-grade Damascus steel bezel, 
  • self-winding, 21-jewel, 21.6 bph automatic 8N24 skeleton movement with 42-hour power reserve, 
  • 10 ATM water resistance, and
  • domed Sapphire Crystal glass with Anti-reflective coating.

The set also comes with Katana blade made of 77 layers of hand forged Damascus Steel. It has a G10 organic handle, which is essential for proper knife handle functioning. G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a sort of composite material. 

This useful material is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaking in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures. It is a thermoset plastic laminate utilized for knife handles because of its very specific advantages. Furthermore, G10 has the highest mechanical strength, meaning it is very difficult to break. G10 is also lightweight and comfortable to use, has similar traction when dry or wet, and has a variety of different texture finished allowing for higher or lower grip handles.

Rewards start at just $188 for a boxed set consisting of both a Katana Collection watch and knife, and a bonus Stranger watch - a $1000 retail value.

The Miami Watch Company was founded in 2014 out of South Florida, and specializes in designing, prototyping and full development of Watches for Microbrands. We are proud creators of Stranger Watches and Amir Watches and launched several successful crowdfunding campaigns including Nomadic EmpiresOcean Predators, and ThoroughbredsFor more information, visit the Katana Collection IndieGoGo page or email ⬩

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