Undone x Peanuts: Lunar Mission

This is quite a year for space buffs. July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing and in a remarkable coincidence, astronomers rediscovered the Apollo 10 lunar module “Snoopy,” believed lost when it was jettisoned in May 1969. Undone is commemorating this very special year with yet another of their popular Peanuts collaboration watches, available and customizable now at the Undone web store.

Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission
Launched on May 18, 1969, Apollo 10 was the “dummy run” for the iconic Apollo 11 lunar landing, a final test of all components and procedures except the landing sequence. Prior to the mission, NASA contacted Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, who was thrilled to have his universally beloved characters as mission mascots. The Apollo 10 command and service module was thus dubbed “Charlie Brown,” and the lunar module, “Snoopy.” Charlie Brown returned safely to Earth, while Snoopy was jettisoned into perpetual orbit around the Sun. 

Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission

The Undone Lunar Mission watches have a stainless steel case measuring 40mm wide (41.8 mm across the bezel) and 12 mm thick, including the domed crystal. It features multi-level polishing, clean edges, and detailed chamfers along the lugs. Some models are fitted with tachymeter bezel for calculating speed. Of course, it wouldn’t be Undone without a wealth of custom options. Buyers may select the Snoopy ACES (Advanced Escape Crew Suit) for $365 with configurable case finishes, bezels, dials, handsets, engravings, and straps, or simply select one of the pre-configured models including two limited edition (300 pcs) Snoopy Moon Heritage and Snoopy Starlight ($480) models. [Update 7/19/19: the limited editions are sold out.]

Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission

Strap options are plentiful and easily swapped thanks to quick-release pins. Strap size is 20mm, but material and color are yours to choose. Options include a variety of leathers and fabrics, but the best may be the orange Cordura which comes with each watch. The color is the same as used on modern “international orange”  spacesuits also worn by the Peanuts characters. The two limited-edition models come with an additional slip-in/slip-out parachute cord strap: a modern, elastic rendition of the Velcro straps worn on the NASA missions. 

To get your Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission watch, head over to Undone site. ⬩

Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission

Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission wrist

Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission lume

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