Straton Tourer GMT and Triple Calendar

Straton is back with one more round of new releases before they close out 2019. The new Tourer series applies Straton’s well-developed 70’s race timer aesthetic to six distinct models: the Tourer GMT Automatic (43mm), the Tourer GMT Quartz (40mm and 43mm), the Tourer Triple Calendar Automatic (43mm), and the Tourer Three-hand Automatic (40mm and 43mm). I got to sample the 40mm Quartz and 43mm Automatic GMTs, and the Triple Calendar.

Straton Tourer GMT and Triple Calendar

In typical Straton fashion, they are offering a dizzying array of colors and options. I’m not going to list them all here. Suffice to say that there are 90 possible combinations, so if you can’t find one that suits your fancy, you can’t blame Straton. Clearly, they are giving it all they’ve got.  

Straton Tourer Triple Calendar green wrist shot

Let’s start with the commonalities. All watches in the series have a stainless steel tonneau case with sunburst brushing on the top surface, horizontal brushing along the sides, and a polished chamfer between the two. The smaller watches are 40mm wide and 45mm long with 20mm lugs. The larger ones are 43mm wide and 48.5mm long with 22mm lugs. Both are 13.4mm thick, which makes the smaller watches stouter than the larger ones. Relatively short lugs allow me to pull off the 43mm on my 6.75" wrist (above), but the 40mm (below) is a more natural fit.

Straton Tourer quartz GMT green wrist shot

They look fantastic, and with a 200m water resistance and AR-coated sapphire crystals, they are more than equipped for full tool watch duties. Out back, solid case backs bear an engraved Straton globe illustration.

Straton Tourer case back

In a bit of a twist, these racy watches have dual-crown cases in the classic compressor-style where the upper crown operates an internal bezel (12-hour on the Triple Calendar, 60-minute on the Three-hand and GMT). The 120-click, unidirectional, external bezel also rotates and is marked in the reverse manner as the internal – 60-minute on the Triple Calendar and 24-hour with a day/night color band on the Three-hand and GMT. So, even on the Three-hander, you can use the bezel as a poor man’s GMT and track a second time zone. Both bezels operated seamlessly on each of my samples.

Straton Tourer Quartz GMT green

The dials feature 6 o’clock dates, polished and faceted sword hands, and applied markers. The GMT adds a broad arrowhead, of course. The length is spot-on. All the main hands are lumed, as are the bezels! This is a big deal as a GMT with a bezel you cannot read is nearly useless. 

Straton Tourer GMT and Triple Calendar lume

A heavily grained sun-brushed finish radiates from the center of the dial, creating a gorgeous play of color and texture as the light hits those deep grooves. It’s a fabulous effect that continues in the sunray bezel insert and radial brushing on the case. Of the three colors I sampled, there wasn’t a dud in the bunch, but the gold turned out to be my surprise favorite as it is an uncommon choice, and it looked especially fine with the white inner bezel and subdial rings.

Straton Tourer gold Triple Calendar

Now, about those variant-specific details…

With a Miyota 9122 as its heart, the Triple Calendar is the only version with a 3 o’clock crown, which, when seen in conjunction with the upper crown, lower pusher (to set the month) and the white-ringed month and day subdials, gives the watch the appearance of a chronograph. I’ll confess that while I own a couple of triple calendars, I almost never bother setting those functions because I find the tiny printing on those calendars nearly impossible to see. (What can I tell you? I’m getting old, although I prefer to think of myself as more like “Mid-Century Modern.”) My aging eyes had no such issue on the Tourer as they used the big case and dial to its best effect, creating month and date complications large enough for geezers like me to read without squinting.

Straton Tourer GMT and Triple Calendar green

The GMT Quartz packs a Swiss Ronda 515, a reliable and affordable unit that also has the advantage of being able to squeeze into Straton’s 40mm case; something the Swisstech S24-45 GMT cannot accomplish. If you want the auto (below), you’ve got to go big.

Straton Tourer GMT Automatic

The odd man out is the Three-hander, which I did not sample but which should be every bit as lovely as its stablemates. That one houses a tried and true Miyota 9015.

Straton Tourer strap

Each sample arrived with a minimally stitched leather rally strap and signed buckle. The leather was perfectly fine but entirely outshined by the Jubilee-style bracelets that were also supplied. Their seven rounded links in each row, in alternating brushed and polished finishes, created a groovy vintage vibe that worked perfectly on these swinging Stratons. Signed, low-profile, flip-lock clasps kept them secured. I’m pleased to report that the clasps were neatly finished all around, leaving no sharp, furniture scratching edges. I always recommend buying the bracelet with nearly any watch (particularly those with fitted end links like these), but in this case, I’m going to go beyond merely recommending and will instead insist that you order it. Considering that opting for the bracelet instead of the strap adds just $20 to the price, you would be a fool not to.

Straton Tourer bracelet

Pre-order prices start at $299 for the Tourer GMT Quartz, $499 for the Tourer GMT Automatic, $449 for the Tourer Triple Calendar Automatic, and $399 for the Three-hand. Prices include global shipping. Each model (not each color) is limited to a first production run of 300 pieces, or just 1,200 watches in total. Full retail will be 30% higher and will pre-order prices increase by $50 per month to reach that point, but frankly, I’d be less worried about rising prices as I’d be about the Tourer selling out. They are selling like mad. Most colors have just three or four pieces remaining, so if you want in on an eye-catching Tourer, point your browser over to and get shopping. ⬩

Straton Tourer Triple Calendar

Straton Tourer GMT and Triple Calendar

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