MMI Turret

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MMI Turret
In 2019, MMI Watches launched their pioneer project on Kickstarter and was successfully funded. Now they are launching their second campaign, Turret 300M, on 27th November 2020,10pm +8 GMT (Singapore Time).  Visit the Kickstarter pre-launch page (will be active on launch day) and sign up for updates.

There are a total of 4 collections: Special Date, Contemporary, Heritage, and Full Lume.

MMI Turret

An “Iron-Clad” naval warship, U.S.S Monitor, inspires their Turret 300M dive watch design concept.

Its warship technology was state of the art during its era, which transformed and revolutionized naval warfare till today. U.S.S Monitor’s iron-hulled structure was totally different from the early “Iron-Clad ship at that time. It neither had a masts nor Port/Starboard (Left/Right) line of cannons.

A 360-degree rotatable large cylindrical turret with 2 internal cannons was mounted in the middle of the ship. While other warships needed to maneuver in line to its target, U.S.S Monitor could instantly rotate its turret and fire instantly at its enemy.

Besides the turret, U.S.S Monitor had other innovative inventions onboard its ship, including a new compact steam engine and a below deckhead (toilet) that could be flushed below the waterline. These naval warfare technology and inventions were the most advanced during its era.

MMI Turret

Similar to The U.S.S Monitor, MMI Watches always try their best to inject innovative design elements into their watches. When most watchmakers play it safe, MMI Watches wants every part of the watch’s design to be unique and stand out from the rest.

For Turret 300M, they have injected 3 innovative design elements into their new watch: Special Date Display, Ion-Plated (IP) Stainless Steel Bezel Insert, and Turret Style Watch Case.


MMI Turret

For those who are bored of conventional date display on their watch, have a look at their “New Date Display” design. This design made it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


MMI Turret

It’s an experimental project by MMI Watches. They tried using an Ion-Plated (IP) Stainless Steel Bezel Insert on Turret rather than a traditional Anodized Aluminum Bezel Insert. The end result and effects came out to be astonishing. The Blue Bezel Insert changes its color from Light Blue-Blue–Dark Blue–Black depending on the environment's lightings. Their main reason for using Stainless Steel is that it’s much stronger than Aluminum and less brittle than Sapphire and Ceramic.

MMI Turret

Ion Plating (IP) is a physical vapor deposition process, where the surface required to be plated is bombarded forming a Titanium Nitride layer.

Ion-plated (IP) surfaces are five to eight times more durable and resistant to corrosion and wear. When Ion Plating (IP) is combined with Stainless Steel, the result is a heavy-duty item that withstands the rigors of daily use.


MMI Turret

Most traditional dive watches have their rotating bezel mounted flat onto the watch case. For Turret 300M, they mount the rotating bezel slightly beneath the watch case, like the U.S.S Monitor Turret.

With this design, the rotating bezel is protected by the 4 angular sides of the watch case. At the same time, the rotating bezel is prevented from accidental movement or rotation. This is especially important when you use the bezel as a timing instrument for your dive. 

MMI Turret



- 40mm Diameter

- 47mm Lug To Lug

- 13.8mm Thickness

- 316L/DLC Surgical Grade Stainless Steel,


- 120 Clicks Uni-Direction Bezel

- Ion Plated Steel Bezel Insert

- Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 Grade A/ Old Radium Grade A/ BGW9


- Horizontal Brushed Dial

- Hands and Indexes Coated With Swiss Super-LumiNova C3 Grade A / Old Radium Grade A


- Seiko NH35

Water Resistance:

- 300M WR


- 3mm Sapphire Crystal (with anti-reflective coating)


- Signed Screw Down Crown

Approximate recommended retail price (RRP) USD 399

Kickstarter Backer Discount From 25% - 35%*

MMI Turret full lume
MMI Turret

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