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Undone Watches has been remarkably prolific as of late. In addition to its buyer customizable collections, the brand has turned out a number of pop-culture collaborations like the Batman Quantum and clever homages like the Aero. Today, they launch yet another all-new model, the Terra collection. 

Undone Terra Suede

In a unisex 37mm size, the Terra is a modern interpretation of a classic WW2- era military watch. It is just 43.3mm long and 12.8mm thick so it should maintain vintage proportions, even if it is slightly larger than the vintage pieces that inspired it. Its "turtle" case should project a bit more wrist presence than its measurements might suggest.

Undone Terra wrist

There are two versions in the collection. "Daybreak" features a brushed top and polished sides while limited edition "Nightfall" (100 pieces) is coated in satin black PVD. Both use the excellent Seiko NH35A automatic movement and are water-resistant to 50 meters.

Undone Terra

True to its roots, the Terra has a military-style dial with a 24-hour index and navigation triangle. The Daybreak is the more conventional of the two with its white and tan on black color scheme while the Nightfall is a sinister red on black. At night, they glow with two-tone lume. 

Undone Terra Nightfall

It wouldn't be Undone if you couldn't switch things up. The Daybreak comes standard with a retro-style, minimal stitch, leather strap, or you can opt for the Daybreak Suede and its dapper, yes, suede strap.  Speaking of dapper, Undone hopes the Terra will jump-start your fashion sense - something we have all let slide in this home-bound, Covid world. The #StartWithTerra campaign will see the Terra watches serving as a starting piece to help men and women dress better - one step at a time. 

The Terra Daybreak will sell for $395 and the Nightfall for $445. For more information and orders, head over to ⬩

Undone Terra Nightfall
Undone Terra lume

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