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Nordgreen Watches

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Danish watch brand Nordgreen has launched its latest Kickstarter campaign, demonstrating once again that creating affordable, quality-driven designer timepieces for the masses is achievable. The campaign is Nordgreen’s second Kickstarter project, the first of which raised $250,000 and is lauded as one of the most successful campaigns to ever run on the platform. 

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

Based in Copenhagen, Nordgreen is a watch brand built on a Scandinavian-Danish aesthetic philosophy of timelessness, minimalism, and functionality. The brand, which sold over 10,000 watches in its first year, embodies the Danish commitment to balance: reminding us to treasure our time as well as count it.

Nordgreen’s latest collection is designed by the eminent Danish designer Jakob Wagner, an industry veteran who has designed for brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Cappellini, and Moroso, and has a permanent exhibition at MOMA in New York.

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

As a young, nimble start-up, Nordgreen is able to quickly adapt to market trends and customer demand, spurred by the philosophy of "keep inventing to keep being relevant." Indeed, Nordgreen tapped into the power of their community to shape their latest collection, listening to feedback and comments from their 10,000-strong customer base to create an organic connection between product, design, and customer. By using Kickstarter, Nordgreen enables its backers to create a timepiece that feels and behaves like it is uniquely theirs.

The Pioneer

The pinnacle of Nordgreen’s collection is its chronograph model, Pioneer. The watch represents everything Nordgreen stands for; beautiful, design-focused products that are functional for the way people live. The Nordgreen take on the Chronograph is a celebration of the Danish tradition of "Science for Humanity" a notion pioneered by generations of Danes and meant to establish - as the ultimate goal in design, science, and innovation - products aimed at creating a positive impact on humankind.

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

Danes have historically been pioneers in “good-making” for mankind. In 1904, Christian Bohr and Nobel Peace Prize winner August Krogh innovated in the field of insulin-treatment. Danes were also part of the research that established the Genome mapping. Furthermore, Danes have been at the forefront of the wind turbine revolution, becoming leaders in implementing sustainability in our everyday lives.

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

With the Pioneer, Nordgreen unveils a new segment in the Danish company's range, making its Chronograph the pinnacle of the Nordgreen design philosophy ecosystem. The design principles behind the watch are grounded in decades of Danish design. The 42mm Pioneer expresses all the minimalist principles dear to the company, with dedicated attention to details and attractive functionality.

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

The Pioneer by Nordgreen exemplifies Jakob Wagner’s design philosophy. Nordgreen’s take on the chronograph shines a light on the imperative by stripping down the superfluous. Thereby creating a contemporary timepiece that houses character while allowing its wearer to display a conspicuous statement immersed in Scandinavian design heritage.

This spectacular tribute to Danish Science for Humanity features two dials in the watch face. In the left dial of the watch, the minutes are counted while the dial on the right shows the seconds. On the right side of the watch houses the buttons to allow to start, stop and reset the movement.

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

The seconds hand, as well as the minute counter, features a red tip reminiscent of the design influence of sustainable energy windmills. This red dash of color on windmills used to make birds aware of their presence during their seasonal migrations and is presented in this watch as a reminder of the bond between Nordgreen and the sustainability of its motherland.

The Pioneer's beautifully rounded curves constitute Jakob Wagner design acumen in its purest form. Inspired by “earth and its evolution” Jakob design evokes nature itself where all sharp edges are eventually eroded away by wind, water, and other natural agents.

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

The design features domed sapphire crystal while the reliable Japanese quartz moved by Miyota, will be familiar to those who have previously owned a Nordgreen watch. Three different color dials are available - white, black and blue as well as three case colors - Gun Metal, Silver and, Gold. The 20 mm straps from other Nordgreen models, will fit the Pioneer to perfection, allowing its wearer to continue to express the style and options already perfected with other Nordgreen models.

Kickstarter rewards start at $200 USD, 41% off expected retail. 

Native Re-Modelled

Embodying the bold yet timeless aestheticism of Copenhagen, the Native Re-Modeled is the second generation of Nordgreen’s best-selling timepiece. Subtle design updates reinvigorate the Native’s timeless identity, empowering the wearer with even more combinations and finishes. Reflecting customer feedback, the Native is available in both (32mm) 36mm and 40mm cases.

Nordgreen Native

Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program empowers their wearers to support one of three sustainable causes. Through partnerships with NGOs, customers can provide two months of schooling for a child in India, two months of clean water for a person in the Central African Republic, or save 200 sq. ft of rainforest in Latin America.

The Native range already exemplifies Nordgreen’s attention to detail mixed with the elegant and
thoughtful design philosophy dear to the brand. Thanks to another masterful work by Danish designer Jakob Wagner, the Native combines a pure, sophisticated exterior with straight-forward functionality. The subtle updates to the Native aren’t meant to revolutionize the already timeless design but to further strengthen the relationship between the timepiece and the enduring disruptive aesthetic of its homeland, Copenhagen.

Nordgreen Native

Designed to be in the balanced image of the city, this timepiece reminds us not to hurry and to remember to pause to enjoy our accomplishments, big and small. In the new design, the minute marks are in see-through ink, a tribute to the work-life balance in Copenhagen, because we don’t count minutes, we just enjoy quality time.

Nordgreen Native

With the Native range - available in brand new case size 32mm (Native Lille) on top of the 36mm and 40mm - Jakob wanted to bring the design back to the fundamentals of a watch with a brilliantly classic look, redefined for the modern being. Staying true to Scandinavian minimalism, the re-modeled Native fortifies the link of the watch with the Danish capital, Copenhagen and renews its clean, attractive design with a choice of three different color dials - white, black and blue and three case colors - Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. Completing the updated look are rounded hands and domed glass.

Nordgreen Native

By examining the watch up close, the design reveals a rounded case, clean dial, and rounded lugs. As per all Nordgreen watches, the beauty is in the details, as the longer 9 and 3 o’clock marks as a design special tribute to the balance of Danish life and culture.

The Native is a watch that suits a classic look for men and refined look for women, showcasing the remarkable ability to complete any outfit. Kickstarter rewards start at just $105 USD, 59% off expected retail. 

For more information or to place an order, see the Nordgreen Kickstarter page. The campaign ends June 21, 2019. ⬩

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