Preview: AMOT Collection 00:00

A Matter of Time (AMOT) is a Singapore microbrand with a modular concept watch that has just surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter. The AMOT Collection 00:00 consists of two distinct dial designs that can be purchased with interchangeable bezels, cases, and straps. Yes, we've been down the road before with varying degrees of success (see these two for example) but the 00:00 offers their watches with two of the more interesting affordable quartz movements and more variety than most other modulars.

Both models run on Seiko quartz movements housed in a central barrel that can be popped in and out of a base shell incorporating the lugs. Bezels are threaded and screw down to lock the dial module into the shell (obviously, the bezels do not rotate). A selection of straps completes the package. The assembled watches are 39mm wide and feature a sapphire crystal, luminous hands, and 50m water resistance.

The Statuesque is a three-hander with a Seiko VH31 quartz. Unlike most inexpensive quartz units, the VH31 is 1/4 beat movement, allowing a smoother second hand sweep. The Valiant runs a Seiko VK64 MechaQuartz that marries a quartz timekeeper to a mechanical chronograph. Each is available in white or black with IP coated barrels and both will fit any of the other accessories.
Color combinations are quite varied. With two watches in two dial colors, two bezel designs in four colors each, four cases, two leather straps, four Milanese mesh straps, and four Perlon straps, there are more possible combinations than I care to calculate. On the other hand, common sense and good taste will limit many of these, as will some basic economics. One Statuesque set with an extra bezel is $258 SGD ($187 USD) on Kickstarter. Add $30 if you want a Valiant Chronograph. The most inclusive package is $988 SNG ($716 USD) for four variants of each component (dial, base, bezel, and strap). Retail pricing will be over 40% higher. There are packages in between and you can order components a la carte as well, but it adds up quickly. 

I think the AMOT 00:00 is an interesting concept that would be fun to customize. Personally, I would find it hard to justify the cost of all that variety, but if you are the are the kind of person who tends to buy the same watch in multiple colors, then it might be worth a look. For more information or to place your order, see the AMOT Kickstarter page.

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